Get the Motivation to Workout

Being a Fitness addict who works out at least 6 times a week, I decided to pass on some tips through this blog post to kick start your motivation to exercise if your excuse is one of the following:
- I don’t have time/I’m too busy
- I’m not feeling motivated/I don’t think I’m fit enough
- Gym is too expensive/I can’t afford it
Well, how about you forget all of these excuses and open a new blank page for a new you?
If you think again, none of these excuses actually make sense, it’s just the inner you trying to make you lazy, this is the conclusion I have come to when I set a goal last year and decided to Include exercising as part of my everyday routine! And now, my day is not complete until I work out!
Remove ‘Should’ from Your Vocabulary
Never say that you ‘should’ exercise, this completely makes you forget why you want to push yourself. You need to have a reason behind your desire to work out. Your ‘should’ has to change to ‘want’. It should be like, I want to complete this goal, I want to healthier. Having a reason in your mind to work out is motivational.
Write Down Attainable Goals
Writing down your goals increases the probability that you attain them. It makes your goals more concrete, keeping you accountable to yourself. Make sure that you set goals that are attainable.
Plan your workout routine
Keeping things that you require for your workout ready, the night before keeps you on schedule. It is no big thing to lay your clothes out the night before or keep your gym bag hanging on the front door, this means you have to confront it on your way out or the minute you wake up.
Think of the Feels Good Feeling
Think of finishing a killer run, sweaty and breathless-This moment where you feel incredibly good of having reached your target or going a step ahead than your everyday routine.
Take a friend along
Have a friend along with you, so for the days when you don’t feel like working out, your friend pushes you to do so and vice versa when it is your friend who doesn’t wishes. Having a buddy to workout absolutely helps you to work out better.
So, the bottom line is the best way to motivate yourself is to find a routine you truly enjoy. Sure, the couch looks damn good when you are home after a long day, but sinking into it will feel so much better after you have earned it. Visit FitFlip- An emerging online healthcare store in Kuwait to buy health food, supplements and much more that helps you be in Shape. 


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